newsjunkie21 (newsjunkie21) wrote in ljmaineahs,

Lewiston and Augusta

Hello! I've been a member of the Maine communities for awhile but haven't posted anything.

I've just accepted a job that will require me to split my time between Augusta (when the state legislature is in session) and Lewiston (when it isn't).

I need to relocate to a place where the commute would be bearable to both cities, and is a relatively decent place to live. Litchfield seems the most central, or Gardiner and Richmond.

I've been in Maine for about six months, living and working in Norway (Oxford Hills). The furthest north I've bothered exploring is the Rumford/Bethel/Grafton Notch areas.

While Norway is a great town, there aren't many people my age (23) here, so weekend life is painfully boring. I'd love to move someplace that has a few more young people!

Any suggestions let me know!
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